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Akbank Announces Leadership Transition 

Hakan Binbasgil Appointed as Vice-Chairman and Executive Board Member;

Kaan Gür Steps in as New CEO

Akbank has announced that Hakan Binbaşgil, its CEO since 2012, has been elevated to the position of Vice-Chairman and Executive Board Member. Concurrently, Kaan Gür has been appointed as the new CEO. Both changes are effective as of October 2nd 2023.

In a formal announcement, Akbank Chairman Suzan Sabancı stated, “We're at a pivotal juncture with significant reassignments. Mr. Hakan Binbaşgil, a veteran with 21 years of service at Akbank and nearly 12 years as its CEO, is handing over his duties to Mr. Kaan Gür, and will be taking on a crucial role as Vice Chairman and Executive Board Member. I would like to thank Mr. Binbasgil for all his dedicated efforts and contributions, and offer him my gratitude on behalf of the Akbank Board of Directors. I wholeheartedly believe that with his expertise and wealth of knowledge, Mr. Binbasgil will continue to make valuable contributions to the bank in his new position. Our incoming CEO, Mr. Gür, boasts over 30 years in banking. Having previously held a leadership role at Akbank between 2011 and 2017, he is now returning to the nest, bringing with him his extensive knowledge and experience. I believe that he will elevate the strong legacy he inherits from Mr. Binbasgil and raise the strong standard to even greater heights. I would like to wish him all the success in his new role. Our hopes remain high for our institution, our customers, and our investors.”

Hakan Binbaşgil remarked, “I am very happy to hand over the CEO mantle to Mr. Kaan Gür, a trusted Akbank alumnus and a former member of our executive team. I am confident that, thanks to our exceptional leadership team and employees, Akbank will successfully continue on its innovative strategic direction, and generate maximum value for its stakeholders. I would like to take this opportunity to extend my sincere thanks to the Board of Directors, especially to Mrs. Suzan Sabancı, whose trust and support I have always felt for many years; my executive team and all my colleagues at Akbank, with whom we have demonstrated an outstanding team work. In my new role, I will continue to support our bank’s further progress. I also extend my gratitude to all our stakeholders, especially our customers and investors, for their unwavering trust and collaboration.”

On his appointment, Kaan Gür, the new CEO, shared, “Returning to Akbank in this pivotal role is truly an honor. As CEO of one of our nation's most revered institutions, I am confident of building on the strong foundation laid by Mr. Hakan Binbaşgil. With Akbank's history of achievements and our talented team, we are poised to elevate this legacy to even grander scales.”

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