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Funding strategy 

  • Akbank has been a pioneer in Turkey in terms of providing diversity to the funding source of the banking system by launching innovative wholesale funding products.
  • We are a frequent and prominent issuer in the debt capital markets in multiple currencies, jurisdictions, maturities, and formats (subordinated, senior unsecured, etc.) with interest rates either fixed or floating.
  • We lever our strong brand, robust financial results and our broad network of over 155 correspondent banks to tap international markets to further diversify our funding profile in terms of investor types, regions and products.
  • Our strong reputation among international investor and lender communities has positioned Akbank as the Best Credit in any type of borrowing transaction in international markets and established Akbank as the Turkish market’s port of entry for any lending product.
  • Many first-of-a-kind deals we have introduced in the Turkish banking sector such as:
    • The First the Mortgage Covered Bond Program
    • The First Direct USD Denominated  Corporate Bond Issue
    • The First Turkish Lira-Denominated Eurobond in International Capital Markets
    • The First Sustainable Subordinated Debt (Tier-2) issued by a deposit bank in the Turkish banking sector
    • The First Syndicated Social Loan
  • Accolades from prestigious international award programs such as:
    • Global Capital
    • EMEA Finance
    • Euroweek
    • FTSE Global Markets
    • The Banker
    • Euromoney
    • Structured Finance International
    • Bonds&Loans

attest to our visionary and innovative funding strategy.

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