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Green Bond (Senior Unsecured) 

Akbank issued the first Green Bond in the Turkish banking sector during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.

Green Bond issuance of the bank represents another milestone in Akbank’s sustainability efforts.

The financing Akbank provides with its issuance will be used to support renewable energy projects; one of the most important components of combating climate change. This financing will also support our country’s transition to a low carbon economy.

With its Green Bond issuance, Akbank has added a new product to its foreign borrowing instruments. This transaction has allowed the bank to further expand its investor base and diversify its foreign borrowing products portfolio.

ISIN Issue Date Maturity Date Currency Issued Amount (million) Listed On Offering Circular
XS2211119313 05.08.2020 15.11.2024 USD 50 Euronext Dublin
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