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Securitisations DPR 

  • The Issuer, A.R.T.S. Ltd. (Akbank Remittances Trust Securitisation), is a public company incorporated in October 1999 under the Companies (Jersey) Law 1991 for the purposes of a securitisation programme.
  • Akbank  established The ARTS Ltd Securitisation Programme in November 1999.
  • The bank has created funding of more than USD equivalent of 10.2 billion under its DPR programme since 1999 in 61 tranches.
  • Current total outstanding amount under the programme as of 2Q2022 is c USD 1.7 billion equivalent in 11 tranches.
  • Future Flow Remittanes included in the securitisations:
    • Payment Orders Remittances
    • Cash Against Goods Remittances
    • Cash Against Documents Remittances
    • Letter of Credit Remittances
    • Chèque Remittances
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