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Syndicated loan 

  • Akbank has been active in Syndicated Loan market since 1993.
  • Akbank sets the benchmark price and ESG KPIs for the Turkish syndicated market.
  • Currently, Akbank has two outstanding syndicated loans: 
    • Through its syndicated loan renewal in October 2023, Akbank has provided USD 600 million in support of the Turkish economy. The loan, which utilizes sustainability performance criteria, has 367-days maturity with an all-in cost of SOFR+3,50% and Euribor+3,25%. The deal attracted 36 banks from 18 countries including participation of 13 new banks. In October 2023 Facility, Akbank’s rollover ratio was 146%. The proceeds of the loan will be utilized for Akbank’s trade finance purposes.
    • Through its syndicated social loan renewal, Akbank signed USD 500 million equivalent of syndicated social loan agreement in support of the Turkish economy. The loan has 367-days maturity with an all-in cost of SOFR+4,25% and Euribor+4,00%. 30 banks from 16 countries including 5 new banks participated in the social syndicated loan. This deal is the first transaction in the Turkish syndicate loan market in terms of its’ use of proceeds with social loan terms. Akbank’s Sustainable Finance Framework have been updated to achieve syndicated social loan structure. The purpose in providing this syndicated loan as a social facility was to improve trade finance (including refinancing thereof) in support of the affected cities/provinces impacted by the recent earthquakes in Türkiye.
Syndicated Loan - Investor Breakdown*

* Shows investor breakdown of outstanding syndicated loan facilities. Calculated according to initial allocation.

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