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Social Bond(Senior Unsecured) 

Akbank issued the first Social Bond in the Turkish banking sector in 2022.

Social Bond issuance of the bank represents another milestone in Akbank’s sustainability efforts and pioneer position in the sector.

Akbank has added an innovative product to its borrowing instruments by issuing its Social Bonds. This transaction has allowed the bank to further expand its investor base and diversify its portfolio.

Although the social bond issuance window has been included in the Bank's foreign borrowing portfolio as of 2022, it has proven to be a product suitable for Akbank’s general bond issuance strategy with these issuances.

ISIN Issue Date Maturity Date Currency Issued Amount (million) Listed On Offering Circular
XS2560028685 16.12.2022 23.12.2025 USD 20 Vienna Stock Exchange  
XS2582756248 31.01.2023 02.02.2024 USD 11,5    
XS2616405549 26.04.2023 29.04.2024 USD 22    
XS2616405622 26.04.2023 29.04.2024 GPB 47,3    
XS2634615848 15.06.2023 17.06.2024 GPB 21    
XS2642369164 26.06.2023 28.06.2024 GBP 27,1    
XS2642368943 26.06.2023 8.07.2024 GBP 21,6    
XS2645977492 7.07.2023 8.08.2024 GBP 24,3    
XS2651077021 14.07.2023 18.07.2024 GBP 23,5    
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