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Akbank Enters Bloomberg Gender Equality Index! 

Akbank has entered the Bloomberg Gender Equality Index (GEI), one of the most comprehensive worldwide surveys of its kind, which measures the performance of companies committed to gender equality.

In line with its sustainability strategy, Akbank prioritizes its corporate culture efforts related to diversity and inclusion principles. As a result of these efforts, Akbank has been qualified to enter the Bloomberg Gender Equality Index, one of the most comprehensive worldwide surveys measuring the performance of companies committed to gender equality.

Bloomberg Gender Equality Index includes 380 companies from 11 different sectors and 44 countries and regions. Companies featured are closely scrutinized in terms of the gender equality in their work environment and the investments in their environment regarding women. Akbank was placed higher than global and sector averages of the index.

Highlighting the importance of being evaluated by an international platform regarding gender equality, one of the core values of Akbank corporate culture, Pınar Anapa, Akbank’s Executive Vice President of People and Culture said, “Within our sustainability strategy, diversity and inclusion are our foremost priorities. At Akbank, we are prioritizing activities on gender equality and equality of opportunity and raising awareness in those areas. Moreover, with comprehensive measurements, we accelerate our efforts in related areas that require improvement. In line with our gender equality targets, we evaluate both existing and new practices meticulously. With our commitments as well as our egalitarian and inclusive practices in this regard, we strengthen our culture and approach which are based on trust and open communication and benefit from different perspectives.”

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