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Akbank Youth Academy targets 15,000 students in its first year 

Akbank Youth Academy offers an important advantage to the youth on their career & development journey

Akbank launches Akbank Youth Academy; thus adding a new initiative to its broader social investments. The Academy will train students in various fields to equip them with the competencies of the future.

“The number of university students in Turkey is around 8 million, and we believe that this young generation will play a very important role in shaping of our future” says Hakan Binbaşgil, Akbank CEO, in his speech given at the opening ceremony of the Akbank Youth Academy. Binbaşgil continued, “We continue to focus on the four value areas determined as a part of our sustainability strategy; sustainable finance, ecosystem management, climate change, and people and community. Through our effective and focused works in these areas, we want to leave a legacy of a more inheritable world to the next generations. To this end, we see it as an important responsibility for us to be a part of the development journey of the young, helping them prepare to become the leaders of tomorrow, and providing them with the competences and skills they will need in the future. It is our objective that the Akbank Youth Academy, with its development programs, will play an important role in preparing the next generation for the business life of the future.”

“Through the Akbank Youth Academy, we aim to be a good guide for the next generation, helping them prepare for the future”

“We have initiated a new development movement with Akbank Youth Academy,” says Pınar Anapa, Akbank EVP – People and Culture: “About 5 years ago, Akbank embarked on its current strategy, getting prepared for the competences we would need to be successful in the future, and starting a comprehensive development journey covering all stakeholders of Akbank and aspects of our business. Now, it is time for us to share with the next generation the experiences and knowledge we have acquired so far”

“Young generations are the architects of our future. In order to enable them to get prepared for the business life of today and tomorrow, and to design the future, we need to provide them with new competences parallel to today’s developing technologies and expectations. Akbank Youth Academy intends to provide its students with these abilities and competences through its development programs.”

“We aim to reach around 15,000 of students in our first year…”

“This is going to be our first year; we aim to reach 15,000 of students, but this figure will increase in the following years,” says Anapa, continuing, “We have designed the Akbank Youth Academy under three main headings, namely Introduction to Competences – 101 Trainings, Structured Competence Trainings and Complementary Programs.

Participants of Introduction to Competences – 101 Trainings will undertake modules focused on the technologies and approaches of the future, with a broad perspective from innovation to entrepreneurship, from artificial intelligence to design.

In Structured Competence Trainings, we are going to ensure that the students steep themselves in these fields and get prepared for the professions of the future.

In Complementary Programs, we are going to continue supporting the students in the course of learning with experience through applied programs and activities as well as mentorship, internship and project works.

We are delighted to see that Akbank volunteers are embracing and putting these programs into practice.

Our intention is to make the Akbank Youth Academy, designed jointly with our business partners, social enterprises and Akbank stakeholders, a good companion in the development journey of the youth.”

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