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Akbank and IdeaSoft collaborate to support SMEs going into e-commerce 

To support the digitalization of SMEs, Akbank has started to collaborate with IdeaSoft, the e-commerce infrastructure provider, which offers web and mobile-based software solutions.

With the collaboration designed for SMEs who want to operate in e-commerce, Akbank customers who purchase an e-commerce package from IdeaSoft will be able to set up their e-commerce systems easily with the infrastructure provided by IdeaSoft. Moreover, they will be able to benefit from Akbank’s financial offerings such as competitive POS commission rates, chip-money for an Akbank Commercial Credit Card and Commercial Installment Loans with favourable interest rates.

Underlining the recent increase in the digitalization needs of SMEs, Bülent Oğuz, Executive Vice President at Akbank in charge of Retail Banking commented on the collaboration, “Due to current conditions, we see a growing trend towards online shopping rather than physical shopping. With this in mind, we want to support businesses that operate in physical commerce to digitize and continue their commercial activities on online platforms, thus preventing income losses. By collaborating with IdeaSoft, one of the leading companies in its sector, we offer an affordable platform to businesses who want to operate in online commerce and support their e-commerce journey. Moreover, we aim to help SMEs to turn this period into an opportunity with our financial package which includes virtual POS offerings with favorable working conditions, working capital loans with competitive interest rates and commercial credit cards with special campaigns that can be used in product purchases. We invite all our SMEs, which have applied for an e-commerce package via the IdeaSoft website, to our branches to benefit from Akbank's favourable financial offerings.

Seyhun Özkara, IdeaSoft CEO stated, “The pandemic has significantly impacted us all, both in Turkey and globally since March 2020. Consumers and businesses have seen the importance of e-commerce. For many years, e-commerce has been one of the main factors that accelerated the digitalization journey of SMEs as well as ensuring their success. In order to help our SME clients to open their business to all of Turkey via e-commerce and 24/7 online trading, we formed a strong collaboration with Akbank. With this project, we have created a package which allows our SMEs to get the highest efficiency at a low cost. This package helps our SMEs to open to both Turkey and global markets, and we aim ensuring the success and survival of SME businesses when faced with adverse conditions. Anyone who wants to benefit from our collaboration with Akbank can apply through the e-commerce solution centre on

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