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Akbank awarded “Bank of the Year in Turkey for 2020” 

Akbank which has been named by a number of different international organizations as “Best Bank of Turkey” this year, received its 5th Best Bank award from The Banker.

The Banker, part of the Financial Times Ltd, has announced the winners of its Bank of the Year awards. For the awards, due to the pandemic this year, the jury evaluated banks on criteria such as meeting the needs of their customers in the best way, resilience and contributions to the society. Following the evaluations, Akbank has been awarded “Bank of the Year 2020 in Turkey”

“Our resilience in this challenging period and our digital banking services that we offer to meet the needs of our customers played an important role in this achievement."
Underlining that Akbank was recognized by leading international financial institutions and honoured as “Best Bank of Turkey” even during the pandemic period, Akbank CEO Hakan Binbaşgil said, “The banking experience that we have offered to our customers during the pandemic period, has allowed us to receive our 5th “Best Bank of Turkey” award this year. Our resilience during the pandemic period and the digital banking services that we offer to meet the needs of our customers, played an important role in winning these awards from Euromoney, Global Finance, EMEA Finance, World Finance and most recently The Banker. Our technology investments, which have been an important strategic focus for many years, have transformed into customer satisfaction in this period. The applications and products that we offer to our customers, alongside our vision of the banking of the future have made their lives easier in this challenging period during which the importance of digitalization has increased. In addition, our change and innovation-oriented corporate culture became our guide during this period. We have a dynamic and constantly renewing culture where people enhance technology and technology enhances people. We invest heavily in competencies such as flexibility, agility and adaptability and encourage ownership of change. In the light of all this, regardless of the conditions, we will continue to provide uninterrupted and excellent service to our customers together with our employees.

“Akbank has been recognized as an important model for the future of banking by international institutions"
Pointing out that the priorities in the banking sector have also changed with the pandemic, Binbaşgil added, “Businesses have had to change all over the globe. We now live in a world where digitalization is no longer a choice but an obligation. This applies to all sectors. We had already put digitalization at the foreground of our vision of the bank of the future. For this reason, today Akbank is recognized as an important model for the future of banking by international institutions, such as The Banker, due to its success in technology and digitalization. We are proud of this recognition. I would like to thank all my colleagues who carried our bank from success to success”

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