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Akbank becomes the first Turkish company to join The Valuable 500 

Akbank became a signatory of The Valuable 500, a global initiative, which revolutionises disability inclusion through business leadership and opportunity.

Akbank is pleased to announce that it has become a signatory to The Valuable 500, which was established to support the participation of people with disabilities in business and raise awareness about the value they create. A pioneer in sustainability in Turkey, Akbank has become the first Turkish bank and company to join the initiative.

Pledging to make a commitment in 2021 to support the participation of people with disabilities in business, Akbank became a member of the initiative with an international press release of the Valuable 500 on January 29.

In his statement, Akbank CEO Hakan Binbaşgil said, “We work to support various initiatives that create positive impact for our country and the world. We have recently entered a brand new era in our sustainability efforts, which we see as an important part of our business strategy, announcing our sustainability strategy and concrete targets. In this context, we are proud to be the first Turkish bank and company to join The Valuable 500. We embrace diversity and inclusion as an important part of our culture. We believe in the importance of benefitting from everyone’s talents and opinions while working for Turkey’s future. Therefore, we are delighted to contribute to the creation of a more inclusive business life for people with disabilities as well as raising awareness on this issue by joining The Valuable 500.”

Launched at the Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos on January 2019, The Valuable 500 is the only global CEO community that aims to transform the business system in the entire supply chain for the benefit of people with disabilities. Over 400 CEOs from 35 countries participated to the initiative in two years.

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