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Akbank comes together with customers for sustainability 

Akbank has started Sustainable Board of Directors Programme in cooperation with the The Board of Directors Academy (BDA). The first phase of the programme will take place between February 22-25 for commercial customers. Board members or board member candidates of commercial customers will participate in the programme along with instructors who are experts in their fields.

As one of the pioneer banks that announced tangible targets in sustainability performance, Akbank has started Sustainable Board of Directors Programme in cooperation with the The Board Directors Academy (BDA). Mehmet Tugal, Akbank’s Executive Vice President in charge of Commercial Banking stated, “We want to provide significant support on how to maintain sound corporate governance and what can be done to improve strategic thinking. Our main goal is to boost the performance of board of directors for our customers and also inform them professionally about opportunities and risks in ESG. We care about the development of our customers on these matters and would like to contribute to their adaptability for evolving conditions. With this program, we will continue to support them with our products and trainings.”

Mehmet Sami, the Chairman of the The Board Directors Academy (BDA), stated “As BDA we emphasize the importance of active and professional board of directors for a sustainable growth within the principles of corporate governance. With this approach, we will address the board of directors’ composition, agenda, the authority to form and operate committees, the capacity to assess risks and opportunities, accountability and the necessities for sustainable growth. Our valuable facilitators will join us in this program, which was formed in partnership with Akbank. We hope to develop and expand this program going forward. The aim is to boost the performance of the corporations and inform members or member candidates of Board of Directors about the necessary steps that need to be taken for sound ESG strategy.” 

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