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Akbank launches Rooftop Solar Panel (PV) Investment Loan 

As part of its sustainable finance efforts, Akbank adds “Rooftop Solar Panel Investment Loan” to its sustainability products

Akbank continues to develop new sustainability products. Earlier in the year, Akbank launched the Exporters Package, offering competitive fund transfer rates to exporters. Akbank also provided its customers with AkLease’s sustainable EcoLease products that offered long-term and affordable financing costs in purchase of investment goods that contribute to renewable energy, energy efficiency and resource efficiency. Akbank further diversified its financial support to its customers who want to reduce their environmental footprint with Rooftop Solar Panel Investment Loan product.

Akbank’s new product will help boost energy efficiency, support clean production, reduce carbon footprint, and support efforts to combat climate change. By offering special products and prices in financing rooftop solar panel investments, Akbank accelerates the transition to a low carbon economy. Akbank also cooperates with Turkey’s leading EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) companies in order to meet the end-to-end needs of its customers.

Mehmet Tugal, Executive Vice President of Commercial Banking, made the following statements about the new loan: “As Akbank, we are mitigating our environmental footprint while increasing our positive impact. With our vision to be the leading bank that drives Turkey into the future, we are focusing on Sustainable Finance, Ecosystems Management, People & Community and Climate Change. Our efforts to support our country’s transition to a low carbon economy continue unabated. As the first deposit bank in the banking sector to set solid targets in the field of sustainable finance, we continue our efforts to provide our country with 200 billion TL sustainable loans by 2030. On the other hand, we also aim to reduce the impact of our loan portfolio on climate change by 2030. With this product and our collaborations, we are taking another important step towards achieving our goals.

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