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Akbank named Emerging Markets’ Best Bank 

As part of its “Awards for Excellence 2020”, Euromoney, one of the world’s leading financial publishing groups, has named Akbank the “Best Bank in the Emerging Markets”.

In his statement on Akbank’s newest international success, Akbank CEO Hakan Binbaşgil said “After receiving the “Best Bank of Turkey” award for the 14th time, now we are proud to be the best bank of a geography which represents over 160 countries and about 85% of the world population. Being the first Turkish bank to be named as “Best Bank in the Emerging Markets”, we are delighted to bring this award to Turkey and to its banking sector.

“We unceasingly continue to invest in the future of our country”

Binbaşgil continued, “Since our foundation, we have been investing unceasingly in the future of our country. Despite the pandemic and the turbulence in international markets, with our robust financials, strong capital position, infrastructure and expertise, we have continued to contribute to the development of Turkey and had a successful half year. During this challenging period, we have continued to contribute to the all components of Turkish economy, especially to the real sector, through providing loans. Our market share in TL loans among private and foreign banks increased substantially.”

“Investors’ confidence in the Turkish Banking sector and Akbank continues”

Pointing out that they reached out to external resources and put them into the service of Turkish economy during the pandemic, Binbaşgil added, “The strong demand for our Eurobond issuance and our syndication is also an indication of investors’ confidence in the Turkish Banking Sector and Akbank.”

 “With the vision of being the leading bank in carrying Turkey to the future, we make comprehensive investments”

Underlying that Akbank builds the banking of the future with its innovative approach, Binbaşgil said, “With the vision of being the leading bank in carrying Turkey to the future, we work hard and make comprehensive investments. We attach great importance to the innovation process in which we include all our employees and we have a dynamic and transparent corporate culture that embraces change. Led by Akbank LAB; the centre of our innovation activities, we will continue to offer our customers an excellent service and develop new products through taking advantage of new technologies like machine learning, artificial intelligence, big data and block chain.

“We continue to support the sustainable growth of Turkey”

Hakan Binbaşgil concluded, “Taking into account of all of this, we find it very meaningful to be awarded the title “Best Bank in the Emerging Markets” and we are proud of this recognition. While we have raised the bar with this important achievement, this success puts a huge responsibility on us. We will continue to work for supporting the sustainable growth and strengthen our country. With Turkey’s most qualified bankers, we will continue to carry out projects for the future of our society and our country. I sincerely thank our customers who always move us forward and encourage us to the do best, our shareholders and our employees that carry our bank from success to success”

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