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Akbank supports the Turkish economy through TL 331 billion total loans in 2020 

Evaluating the financial performance of Akbank in 2020, Akbank CEO Hakan Binbaşgil stated, “Throughout 2020, uncertainties and developments regarding the COVID-19 pandemic were the main agenda. While this unexpected health crisis caused an unprecedented economic shock and shutdown in the world economy, it also led to a significant contraction in global activity. In order to support their economies, many countries have provided large-scale incentives through monetary and fiscal policies. As for the Turkish economy, the positive trend at the beginning of 2020 was interrupted due to the pandemic. In order to mitigate the negative effects of COVID-19, many financial and monetary measures have been implemented. Moreover, the steps taken especially in the last quarter of the year allowed us to enter 2021 with positive expectations. In 2020, our priorities were to support our customers through providing uninterrupted services with our solid financials, strong technological infrastructure and highly skilled employees. Meanwhile, we continued to provide financing for the economic development of our country as well as preparing for the future with our investments and innovations.”

“We provided loans of TL 331 billion to the economy in 2020”
Evaluating the financial performance of Akbank, Binbaşgil stated, “In 2020, the loan support we provided to the economy increased to a total of TL 331 billion, with TL 279 billion in cash loans. Our deposits increased by %19.5 to TL 293 billion, while our assets increased by %23.5 to TL 478 billion. We have one of the strongest capital structures in the sector with a robust capital adequacy ratio of %20.7. Underpinned by this strong balance sheet, we continued to support the development of our real sector with loans provided to companies. Akbank reported a consolidated net profit of TL 6 billion 260 million after provisioning TL 2 billion 25 million for taxes.

"We made important innovations that differentiated Akbank"
“2020 has demonstrated and proved the importance of our digitalization strategy and technology investments. Accordingly, we continued to lead change by further investing in technology and digital transformation in 2020. We have been the first bank in Turkey to implement a ‘Digital First’ program in credit cards and allowed our customers to view their card information and use them instantly upon the approval of their applications. We were the first to offer numberless credit cards in Turkey. Through this innovative design, which is among the most important issues for us, we were able to provide a simple and innovative experience to our customers. Another first in Turkey is our new Pocket POS application. Member merchants can now receive payments both by contactless payment and by QR. In the light of all these activities, we have received many important awards from internationally respected institutions. With the awards granted by Euromoney, The Banker, Global Finance, EMEA Finance and World Finance, we have been selected as the “Best Bank in Turkey” 5 times in 2020. Moreover, we have been selected as the best bank of a geography which represents over 160 countries and about 85% of the world population, becoming the first Turkish bank to be awarded as “Emerging Market’s Best Bank” by Euromoney.”

"We would like to leave a more habitable world to future generations"
“We would like to leave a more habitable world to future generations. In line with our vision, we have set long-term goals in sustainable finance, people and community, ecosystem management and climate change. We became the first Turkish commercial bank to give a long-term commitment to sustainable finance. We will provide TL 200 billion of sustainable loan financing to our country by 2030. Furthermore, in 2021, we will meet 20% of all branches and ATMs’ energy needs via wind power. We are working towards eliminating operational emissions and becoming a carbon-neutral bank by 2025. We will continue to make a difference with our effective and focused efforts in sustainability. ”

“We will continue to prepare for the future with our colleagues"
“One of the most important elements that differentiate us is our change and innovation-oriented corporate culture. We have a dynamic culture where people and technology continuously support and develop each other. We are also very pleased that design-thinking and innovation have become a part of our culture. We know the importance of giving our colleagues the opportunity to transform themselves and their work by benefitting from the necessary technologies. Being aware of the fact that the future will require new roles and skills, we will further develop our competencies and continue to prepare for the future with our colleagues.”

“With a full belief in Turkey’s potential, we will continue our investments”
Akbank CEO Hakan Binbaşgil concluded, “With our banking approach in line with international standards, strong balance sheet, excellent digital infrastructure and highly skilled employees, we will continue to create resources to support the Turkish economy and the growth of the real sector. We believe in the future of our country. With our confidence in Turkey’s potential, we will continue our investments. I would like to extend my deep gratitude to our employees for their strong performance, to our shareholders for the trust they place in us, and all other stakeholders.”

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