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Akbank supports women entrepreneurs with special export loans! 

Akbank continues to support women entrepreneurs, who are crucial for the development of the Turkish economy, to be more active in exporting. Through special funds allocated for companies owned at least 51% by women, Akbank offers attractive financing opportunities in loan facilities with export commitments.

"We continued to support our exporters during the pandemic period"

Mehmet Tugal, Akbank’s Executive Vice President of Commercial Banking, stated that Akbank continues to create added value for its stakeholders and the economy thanks to the bank’s solid financials and sustainability vision. He also added, “We believe that exports play a vital role in the growth of the economy. Despite the contraction in the world trade caused by the ongoing pandemic, the fact that Turkey exported goods worth over USD 118 billion in the first 9 months proved once again the importance of support to our exporters. In these unprecedented times, we have stood by our exporters through a wide range of offerings such as financing, digital banking products and services in an effort to reduce the impact of global challenges on commerce.”

“We encourage our women entrepreneurs to be more active in exports”

Tugal continued, “Akbank encourages women entrepreneurs to participate in exports by creating solutions that will facilitate their access to financing and providing consulting services. We offer 50 bps interest rate reduction in foreign currency loan facilities with export commitments, with a maturity of up to 1 year. The upper limit for these loans available with the special interest rate will be USD/EUR 500,000.”
Akbank supports women exporters not only with financial resources but also through Foreign Trade Managers located in the Global Trade Centers across Turkey. Thanks to the foreign trade support line accessible at 444 23 23, exporters can benefit from consultancy services in the fields of foreign trade and foreign trade financing whenever they need.

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