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Akbank's COVID-19 precautions 

Amid the ongoing global concerns about the Coronavirus COVID-19, Akbank has taken a number of precautions with regard to monitoring, awareness, hygiene, protective measures, and service continuity.

At this time, our priority is ensuring the health and safety of our customers and employees as well as the continuity of our services, while minimizing any potentially negative effects of the coronavirus.

Thanks to our customary resilience, we have already taken a variety of wide-ranging and proactive measures. We will be serving our customers as usual and without interruption thanks to the teams that we have mobilized within our bank, aimed at closely monitoring the situation while coordinating with all necessary institutions.

To that end,
• Teams are being divided and transferred to separate locations in order to ensure full continuity of services. This includes our already strong treasury back-up systems.
• All necessary tests on the Bank’s infrastructure to support an efficient remote work model and constant network access have been carried out. Our online capacity is prepared to weather any unforeseen challenges.
• Travel for business and training purposes has been suspended, and employees have been given the necessary warnings with regard to any personal travel.
• All previously planned events with either our customers or employees have been postponed to later dates.

In the meantime, our customers can continue to carry out all their banking transactions through our various channels as usual.

We would like to reiterate once again that we are taking all necessary measures and will continue to maintain our service quality without interruption.

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