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First downloadable credit card in Turkey! 

Akbank is proud to announce another first in the Turkish banking system: In collaboration with Mastercard, we became the first to launch a Digital First credit card in Turkey!  Via an end-to-end digital process, it’s now possible to download and use your credit card in e-commerce and mobile payment transactions once the application is approved, without having to wait for the card to physically arrive

We also introduced new features to our mobile banking application 

We also introduced brand-new features to our mobile banking application. Akbank customers can now:

  • Pick their customized financial insights and actively manage the feed in the app’s communication area
  • Merge their contacts’ multiple accounts under one single contact view 
  • Revoke their applications using the “Where is my application” menu 
  • Use Akbank’s AI-powerd chatbot Akbank Assistant to perform financial transactions and get answers to their questions.

Also, customers aged between 18-26 can benefit from special promotions and advantages designed for our “Youth Banking” segment.

We are committed to utilizing state-of-the-art technology and cutting-edge design to deliver the best mobile banking experience, and will continue to announce new features to simplify life.


Stay tuned!

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