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Special financial package for women entrepreneurs from Hepsiburada and Akbank 

Hepsiburada joins forces with Akbank to support women entrepreneurs. With this cooperation, Akbank will provide financial support on favorable terms in addition to the support of Hepsiburada's "Technology Power for Women Entrepreneurs" program.

Reaching out to more than 28 thousand women from all over Turkey to date with various advantages such as commission discount, advertising and marketing support, free photo shooting and free e-commerce trainings offered within the Technology Power for Women Entrepreneurs Program, Hepsiburada has joined hands with Akbank to provide financial support to women entrepreneurs.

With the "Women's SME Package" offered by Akbank, commercial loans with installments up to 12 million TRY, with 80% Credit Guarantee Fund's guarantee and competitive interest rates will be offered to women entrepreneurs who benefit from the "Technology Power for Women Entrepreneurs" program of Hepsiburada. Installments up to 60 months, including a maximum 12-month grace period will be applied to business loans, while an upper limit of 120 months, including a maximum 36-month grace period, will be applied to investment loan installments. In addition, women entrepreneurs benefiting from this loan will be able to utilize the opportunities of free money transfer for 12 months, and commission rate of 1.09% for 3 months, Cash Register TRY 90 / Fixed TRY 70 / Mobile TRY 100 and free Akbank Mobile POS if they are new POS customers of Akbank. For the women entrepreneurs of Hepsiburada, those who take out Aksigorta Life Insurance product for the first time within the scope of the Akbank Women's SME Package will also be provided with one-time free Mammography/USG Service, priority service in Akbank SME Expert Line, and free consultancy, training and mentoring services from the EBRD and Frankfurt School.

Bülent Oğuz, SME Banking Executive Vice President of Akbank and Korhan Öz, CFO and Board Member of Hepsiburada, signed this valuable cooperation on March 8, International Women’s Day, made the following statements:

Bülent Oğuz, SME Banking Executive Vice President of Akbank said, "Within the scope of our cooperation with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the Credit Guarantee Fund to support our women entrepreneurs in establishing, growing and managing their businesses, we offer women-owned SMEs the opportunity to benefit from commercial loans with 80% Credit Guarantee Fund's guarantee at competitive rates.  After the financial need is met with this loan, we also provide the mentoring, consultancy and training services they need free of charge. 
We continue to support our women-owned SMEs with several collaborations as well.  We are very pleased to be a part of the "Technology Power for Women Entrepreneurs" program by cooperating with Hepsiburada on March 8, International Women's Day. Fully aware of the importance of more active participation of women in the economy for sustainable economic development and social progress, we will consistently continue to support women-owned SMEs in inspiring projects such as these."

Korhan Öz, CFO and Board Member of Hepsiburada said, "As Hepsiburada, we continue our efforts to support women entrepreneurs without interruptions. Since 2017, we have been providing a good deal of support to women entrepreneurs in training, marketing and operational processes with our "Technology Power for Women Entrepreneurs" program. Our new cooperation with Akbank aims to minimize the financial pressures on our women entrepreneurs and give them the support they need. We are happy and excited to be together with Akbank in this project, and with this package, we wish to support women entrepreneurs in overcoming the financial obstacles they face. In the upcoming period, we will continue to work to strengthen women entrepreneurs in every means available."

A cooperation full of opportunities for women entrepreneurs

In addition to the opportunities mentioned above, women entrepreneurs benefiting from the loan will have the following financing opportunities and other attractive advantages:

As part of the welcome advantages offered exclusively to women entrepreneurs who receive their Hepsiburada payments through Akbank, free 100 money transfers and 100 EFT transactions through Akbank Internet and Mobile channels for 12 months,

Within the scope of the 24- or 36-month salary agreement to be signed with Akbank, women-owned SMEs can benefit from both the human resources budget for their companies and the exemptions offered specifically to the company employees for 1 year.

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