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Corporate Profile 

Akbank’s core business is banking activities, which consists of corporate and investment banking, commercial banking, SME banking, consumer banking, payment systems, treasury transactions and private banking, and international banking services. In addition to conventional banking activities, the Bank also conducts insurance agency operations through its branches, on behalf of Ak Insurance and AgeSA Life and Pensions A.Ş.

With a strong and extensive domestic distribution network of 716 branches staffed by more than 12 thousand employees, Akbank operates from its headquarters in Istanbul and 19 regional directorates across Turkey. In addition to providing services at branches, its traditional delivery channel, Akbank also serves around 18 million customers via Akbank Internet, Akbank Mobile, the Call Center, around 5,000 ATMs and more than 600 thousand POS terminals. 

Bringing the future of banking to today with its technology investments, Akbank executed a new transformation project that will guide the industry. With its reliable, dynamic, lean, innovative, and people-centric approach, Akbank has offered its customers a wide variety of technological innovations, and implemented this new banking model in 2018 and expanded it to 414 branch-offices in 2020. 

Akbank conducts overseas business operations through its subsidiary in Germany (Akbank AG) and a branch in Malta. The Bank introduced the AkÖde mobile app and prepaid card to offer practical, swift, and creative solutions for the financial needs of non-Bank clients and young people with a strong systems infrastructure. Non-banking financial services, capital markets and wealth management are carried out by the Bank’s affiliates Ak Investment, Ak Asset Management, and Aklease.

 Akbank continued to win invaluable awards in 2020, which were characterized by COVID-19 and its repercussions across the world. As an important achievement for the Turkish banking sector, Akbank won “Best Bank in the Emerging Markets” award from Euromoney magazine. 

As one of the most committed supporters of contemporary art in Turkey, Akbank engages in a wide variety of art and culture activities to make art more accessible to the masses. Besides providing banking products, Akbank makes social investments in many diverse areas, including jazz, theater, contemporary art as well as environmental protection such as the Carbon Disclosure Project, for the advancement of society. 

Akbank's consolidated assets increased to TL 478 billion in 2020. Committed to creating sustainable value for Turkey’s economy, Akbank expanded its total loan portfolio in 2020 to TL 331 billion, of which TL 279 billion is cash loans. In 2020, a year marked by global and national market volatility, Akbank prioritized protecting its asset quality. The Bank continued its efforts to calculate and report risk in the healthiest manner with efficient and prudent risk management. During the year, Akbank kept close watch on financial and economic developments in Turkey and across the globe. In addition, the Bank improved existing practices by closely monitoring developments in risk management, such as the IFRS 9 standard, Basel principles and other international regulations. 

Some 51.2% of Akbank’s shares are listed on Borsa Istanbul (BIST). Overseas, the Bank’s “Level 1” ADR depository receipts are traded on the US OTC market. Akbank’s market capitalization stood at USD 4.857 billion as of December 31, 2020.

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