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​Legal warnings for the Akbank T.A.Ş. website

All content, comments and information on the website of Akbank T.A.Ş have been prepared by Akbank T.A.Ş by using information and data obtained from resources and third persons that are believed to be secure. All content, comments and information on the website of Akbank T.A.Ş are only for informative and display purposes and they shall never and in any way be evaluated as an offer to buy or sell. For this reason, it is suggested that the readers confirm reliability of the information before acting based on the content, comments and information obtained from this website. Akbank T.A.Ş. does not guarantee that this information obtained from third persons and secure resources, which are put on the website, are right, complete and definite; moreover, views and thoughts obtained from these resources are not binding for the bank. Readers have full responsibility in those decisions they take based on this information and Akbank is not in any way responsible from missing or wrong information. Moreover, employees and consultants of Akbank T.A.Ş. are also not responsible in any way from direct or indirect damage, which might result from the content, comments and information on the website.

The fact that the reader visits the website of Akbank T.A.Ş. or uses any information on the website means that he accepts the conditions mentioned above and Akbank reserves the right to amend and update all kinds of content, comments and information on the website as well as these terms and conditions of this legal warning, without prior notice.

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