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Moody’s ( 16 August 2022 )
Outlook Stable
Long Term Foreign Currency Deposit B3 (Stable)
Long Term Local Currency Deposit B3 (Stable)
Short Term Foreign Currency Deposit Not-Prime
Short Term Local Currency Deposit Not-Prime
Baseline and Adjusted Baseline Credit Assessment b3
Senior Unsecured Regular Bond/Debenture B3
Subordinate Regular Bond/Debenture Caa2(hyb)

Fitch( 26 July 2022 )
Long Term Foreign Currency IDR B- /Negative Outlook
Long Term Local Currency IDR B /Negative Outlook
Short Term Foreign Currency IDR B
Short Term Local Currency IDR B
Viability Rating b
National Long Term Rating A+(tur) /Negative Outlook
Long Term Senior Unsecured Notes B-
Subordinated notes CCC+
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