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Message from the CEO 

Hakan Binbaşgil

Board Member and CEO

Dear Esteemed Stakeholders,

Before presenting the evaluations regarding the developments and our activities in 2022, we would like to respectfully commemorate our citizens who lost their lives in the earthquake disaster that affected our country at the beginning of 2023. We are determined to support the redevelopment of the region with our banking and non-banking means. We have a heartfelt belief that we can overcome this difficult period with solidarity.

2022 has been a year dominated by uncertainties in the world and our country, with the impact of economic and geopolitical developments. Nevertheless, we have seen those countries facing inflation, food crisis, and energy supply problems continue to collaborate for a sustainable future despite all the challenges.

We continued to create value for our country with all our activities in 2022 in the light of our multidimensional sustainability strategy. This year, in which we confirmed our belief that creating the Türkiye of the future is a responsibility beyond banking, we continued to move towards a shared goal, with all our business units, customers, employees, and investors.

In 2022, we increased the loan support we provide to our economy to a total of 757 billion TL, 616 billion TL of which was in cash. Our total deposit reached 722 billion TL and our assets reached 1 trillion 147 billion TL. With our strong consolidated capital adequacy ratio that took place at the level of 23.2%, we continued to support the growth and development of the real sector. As Akbank, we set aside 20 billion 245 million TL for tax and gained a consolidated net profit of 60 billion 26 million TL this year.

In 2022, as Akbank, we also made significant progress in line with our sustainability strategy, which we made public intending to leave a more inhabitable world to future generations. We have confirmed our determination in this field by carrying our strategy to every field where our Bank operates. At the point we have arrived at the end of 2022, we are very pleased to see that it is not possible to think of Akbank as separate from sustainability activities.

We consider it as one of our most important priorities to support the growth of our country by creating a positive environmental and social impact. Accordingly, we have progressed significantly in achieving our sustainable financing targets in 2022 and provided a total of 60 billion-TL sustainable financing. Hence, we increased the total financing we have provided as of 2021 to 87 billion TL, approaching our target of “200 billion-TL sustainable loan financing by 2030.” The volume of our sustainability-themed funds, which make it easier for savings holders to invest in companies that are beneficial to the environment and society, took place as 2.7 billion TL, reaching more than 60 thousand customers as of the end of 2022. Our sustainable finance-based borrowing ratio in total borrowing has increased above 45% as of 2022.

We were selected as "Türkiye's Best Bank in Sustainable Finance" by Global Finance for our achievements in sustainable finance. In the Central and Eastern Europe region, we were deemed worthy of the "Outstanding Leadership in Social Bonds" and "Outstanding Leadership in Sustainable Project Finance" awards. As one of the most established institutions in our country, we will continue to support all our stakeholders in building a sustainable future, just like in important transition processes such as digital transformation.

By making another important commitment in the field of sustainability at the beginning of 2022, we set the target of becoming a net zero bank by 2050. We will do our part in the fight against climate change by minimizing the greenhouse gas emissions of our loan portfolio. In line with our target, we will continue to focus on the green transformation of carbon-intensive sectors, green technology investments, sustainable infrastructure investments, and the field of clean transportation.

We believe that the green transformation of SMEs, which have an important role in the development of our economy, particularly in the fields of export, production, and employment, is critical in Türkiye's journey toward net zero. With this awareness, we designed our SME movement, which brought along important innovations to the Turkish banking sector in 2022, to be compatible with our sustainability strategy, and we offered the SME Eco Transformation Package, which is Türkiye's first green transformation package, to our customers. We will continue to offer products and services for all kinds of needs of our customers in the transformation to a green and inclusive economy.

As an exemplary institution that transcends borders when it comes to gender equality, we are also working on important endeavours for female SME owners. In 2022, within the framework of our collaboration with the EBRD, we provided support of nearly 800 million TL to female SME owners. Within the scope of the same program, we also offered mentoring and networking opportunities from the EBRD and Frankfurt School.

Moreover, we added new projects to our projects in 2022, with a focus on empowering women's representation and increasing their visibility. In addition to our “Second Spring” project, in which women who have taken a break from business life for various reasons are supported to re-participate in business life, and our “Strong Women in Technology” project implemented to increase the ratio of women working in technology-oriented positions, we launched the Role Model Women of Akbank Program.

In 2022, we also launched the Akbank+ Program, which allows Akbank employees to work on their entrepreneurial ideas full-time and which is, in this sense, a first in Türkiye. We believe that this important program will provide significant contributions to the entrepreneurship ecosystem of both our Bank and our country.

The issues of culture and arts, entrepreneurship, education, and volunteering, which will carry our society forward, are also among our priorities. At the point we have arrived at today, we are happy that Akbank is an institution that stands out with these activities as well as its strong financials, innovative banking vision, and technology investments.
Akbank Youth Academy continued to support university students in preparing them for the working life of the future this year, reaching over 28,000 young people in 2022. Within the scope of our 101 pieces of training that we held in partnership with Microfon, we reached university students in different parts of Türkiye and tried to raise awareness about today's prominent issues such as artificial intelligence, cyber security, and sustainability. We brought together academics, investors, and financial market actors under the roof of the Center of Excellence in Finance (CEF), of which we are the founding sponsor, and continued our contribution to the development of financial literacy.

Akbank Volunteers continued to develop projects in many fields from health to education and became part of solutions in 2022. Within the scope of our Good State of the City project, which we implemented for the eighth time this year, and which allows young people to meet volunteerism, 2,000 young ones volunteered in social benefit projects to be carried out Türkiye-wide in cooperation with 13 non-governmental organizations operating in various fields.

In 2022, together with the Sakıp Sabancı Museum, we brought "The Arrival of Spring, Normandy, 2020" exhibition of David Hockney, one of the most creative and inspiring artists of contemporary art, to Türkiye. Akbank Jazz Festival brought together 120 artists from Türkiye and the world with jazz lovers for the 32nd time. The festival, which is one of Akbank's longest-running culture and arts projects, hosted 15,000 participants this year. Our support for contemporary art continued this year as well. Contemporary Istanbul opened its doors to visitors for the 17th time. Again, Akbank Children's Theatre and Akbank Short Film Festival continued at full throttle this year.

2022 has been a year in which substantial progress has taken place for Akbank. We left behind a successful year in which we brought together our innovative products and services and our customers and made significant progress in the field of sustainability.

I extend my thanks to our customers, and shareholders, who always carry us forward and encourage us to be the best, and to all our employees who carry our bank from success to success.

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