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Message from the CEO 

Kaan Gür

Board Member and CEO


Dear Esteemed Stakeholders,

2023 will always be remembered as a pivotal year in our Bank's history because it not only marked our 75th anniversary but also the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Türkiye, which we proudly serve.

The fact that Akbank's momentous milestone coincided with the Republic of Türkiye’s centenary celebrations gave a deeper significance to our institution's achievement. Our long history of contributing to the prosperity and stability of our country, as well as being an essential component of the Turkish economy, gives us tremendous pride.

Reflecting on our 75-year history, we can see that our commitment to excellence and unwavering loyalty to our customers have been the cornerstones of our success. From our humble beginnings on January 30, 1948, providing resources and support to cotton producers in Adana to our current position as a leading institution in the banking sector, each milestone has been a testament to our innovation, integrity and trust-oriented approach.

It is impossible to ignore the tragic events that affected all of us when evaluating 2023. 6 February earthquakes deeply shook the whole nation. While we all went through a very difficult process together, our only solace was to see the power of solidarity. Akbank has also been a part of this great solidarity since the first moments of the disaster. We will continue to support our community in the region's normalization process, not only with financial assistance but also with the goal of re-normalizing life.

As Akbank, our primary goal is to be the biggest supporter of Türkiye’s future, dreams, and goals. We recognise that our success as an institution goes hand in hand with responsibility. Therefore, in light of our environmental and social responsibilities, which are an important part of Akbank's culture, we strive to create added value in line with our sustainability strategy and targets.

Our dedication to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles and our accomplishments demonstrate our commitment to not only meeting but also exceeding the expectations of our stakeholders and society as a whole. In this context, we are pleased to share that we have reached our target of "providing 200 billion TL sustainable loan financing by 2030", which we had set at the beginning of 2021, seven years ahead of schedule.

Likewise, we are convinced that our expanding ‘Green’ and 'Social Credit' product range further underlines our commitment in this area. In 2023, we continued to offer green and inclusive solutions to our customers with products such as renewable energy, rooftop SPP solutions, Turkey's first Blue Financing Product Package for tourism, maritime transport and port sectors, Turkey's first SME Eco Transformation Package for SMEs focused on green transformation, our special package for women entrepreneurs, and our Eco-Friendly Vehicle Loan for retail and commercial customers.

We launched our Sustainable Deposit Product, which offers a sustainable cash management solution to our commercial customers, in 2023. Our product enables commercial customers to support the financing of projects that have a positive environmental and social impact beyond their own fields of activity. Our sustainable deposit product, which will support social thematic areas such as earthquake zone funding and equal chances, represents a first in this regard.

A key component of Akbank's sustainability strategy is financial inclusion. In 2023, we made significant progress in this area by working with 28 banks worldwide to develop impact-oriented targets and a roadmap. We also set a three-year goal to increase the number of women customers.

With all these long-term and visionary efforts, we were named "Turkey's Best Bank in Sustainable Finance" by Global Finance. We also achieved significant success in the Central and Eastern Europe region, winning the "Outstanding Leadership in Sustainability Transparency" award thanks to our transparency in sustainability, sustainable financing and environmental and social risk assessment processes, as well as the "Outstanding Sustainable Financing in Emerging Markets" and "Outstanding Leadership in Social Bonds" awards.

Our strong liquidity, robust capital, asset quality, and effective risk management are our greatest strengths as we prepare our country for a bright future, especially in terms of sustainability. With our innovative and excellence-oriented banking approach, coupled with the deep-rooted relationships we have established with our customers, and our focus on sustainable profitability, we have the opportunity to take steps that will carry Turkey forward while maintaining the trust of all our stakeholders.

In 2023, the loan support we provided to the economy increased to a total of TL 1 trillion 201 billion with TL 962 billion in cash loans. Our deposits reached TL 1 trillion 293 billion, while our assets reached TL 1 trillion 905 billion. With our strong capital adequacy ratio of 21%, we continued to support the growth and development of the real sector. Akbank reported a consolidated net profit of TL 66 billion 496 million, after TL 20 billion 596 million tax provisions.

We aspire for our impact to be measured not only financially, but also by the positive change we inspire. With this in mind, our integrated annual report not only highlights our financial performance, but also underlines the role sustainability plays in our decision-making processes and our entire organisation. We present our report to you as a reflection of the work of our competent team, the trust our customers place in us and the resilience that has become synonymous with our organisation.

While our sector is undergoing a major transformation with a focus on ESG activities, another significant breakthrough is taking place in the field of digitalisation and technology. Though major and comprehensive changes are being observed in this area, Akbank is preparing for a future where banking goes beyond borders and becomes more integrated with the flow of daily life. We are working to build a future where personalised experiences supported by the latest technology and artificial intelligence redefine banking and take customer experience to new heights. Our approach is not focused on adopting what has already been done, but on setting standards, redefining the banking environment and enabling our customers to embark on a seamless, technology-driven financial journey with us. On this journey, we want our customers to experience the innovative and practical financial services offered by Akbank in a holistic way.

Since its establishment, Akbank has expanded beyond traditional banking, proudly embracing a multifaceted commitment to society and creating a wide network of impact. Art, education, entrepreneurship, and volunteering activities are the most important pillars of this impact network.

With our conviction that art is an essential component of society, we have steadfastly pursued our artistic endeavours for numerous years. This year marked the joyous celebration of the 30th anniversary of Akbank Sanat. Over the years, Akbank Sanat has left an indelible mark on the cultural and artistic landscape, hosting numerous events annually, such as the Akbank Jazz Festival and Akbank Short Film Festival.

As an institution that acknowledging the transformative power of knowledge, we continue to undertake pioneering projects in the field of education. Through initiatives like the Akbank Youth Academy, a cornerstone of our educational efforts, we continued to equipping young people with the essential competencies needed for the evolving landscape of tomorrow’s business world.

Recognizing the crucial role of nurturing innovation and fostering economic growth from the earliest stages, we are one of the most loyal supporters of entrepreneurship in Turkey. Alongside our important programmes that we carry out together with Endeavour Turkey, we have also placed entrepreneurship at the centre of Akbank culture. In 2023, through the Akbank+ programme, we invested a total of USD 1 million to support our colleagues’ entrepreneurial aspirations.

Furthermore, we have upheld our commitment to community engagement by continuing our volunteering efforts this year. Akbank employees, especially Akbank Volunteers and Akbank Redrunners, have undertaken meaningful initiatives across the country, standing by our society in collabortation with non-governmental organizations.

The future is full of opportunities for Akbank, and we are ready to shape it with the vision and determination that have defined us for the past 75 years. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our customers, colleagues, and stakeholders whose unwavering trust and support us at every step.

Together for the future.

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