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Sustainability reports & CDP reports 

​Since the day it was founded, our bank has focused on creating sustainable value.

In addition to our financial performance we believe that our ethical, environmental, social and economic priorities are important factors which will carry Akbank into the future.

With this knowledge, we are conscious that the path to sustaining the trust of our investors', employees', customers' and all of our stakeholders' is through transparent and responsible banking. To this end, we are the first commercial bank in Turkey to publish its Sustainability Report.

The fact that we are publishing our first Sustainability Report using the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), a reporting standard that has earned worldwide acclaim and that is used by many large companies in the world, is a clear indication of our vision on sustainability, our belief in this matter and a solid example of our understanding of transparent banking.

The Akbank Sustainability Report, which is a pioneering feature for the Turkish Banking Sector, includes our Bank's social, environmental and economic responsibility dimensions and its performance in those fields.

​You can access the Akbank Sustainability Reports, from the links below.

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