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Annual general assembly documents 

On 26.02.2024, the Board of Directors of Akbank have decided to hold The Shareholders' Ordinary General Assembly on March 22, 2024, Friday, at 14:00, at Akbank Headquarters, Sabancı Center, 4. Levent, Istanbul, to discuss the agenda.

The Agenda of the Ordinary General Assembly of 2023: 

1 - Opening and formation of the Meeting Council,
2 - Reading and discussion of the 2023 Annual Report of the Board of Directors,
3 - Reading of the 2023 Auditors Report,
4 - Reading, discussion and approval of the Financial Statements of 2023,
5 - Approval of the Board Member elected to the Board of Directors for the remaining period,
6 - Release of liability of the members of the Board of Directors,
7 - Decision on the appropriation of 2023 annual profit, depending on the permission to be obtained and the completion of the procedures,
8 - Decision on affording the Special Fund regarding the revaluation transaction made in accordance with the Duplicate Article 298 and the Paragraph (Ç) of the Tax Procedure Law from the Extraordinary Reserves,
9 - Appointment and determination of the tenure of the Members of the Board of Directors,
10 - Determination of the compensation of the Members of the Board of Directors,
11 - Appointment of the Auditors,
12 - Providing information regarding the donations made in 2023,
13 - Determination of the Bank's donation limits for 2024,
14 - Authorization of the Board of Directors in connection with matters falling within the scope of articles 395 and 396 of the Turkish Commercial Code.
15 - Providing information regarding the updated Bank Remuneration Policy,
16 - Providing information regarding the Board of Directors Diversity Policy,
17 - Providing information to shareholders on the share buy-back program initiated with the decision of the Board of Directors dated 16.02.2023 and ended on 31.12.2023

Annual general assembly documents:

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