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Board of Directors Diversity Policy 


Akbank T.A.Ş. (hereinafter referred to as "Akbank" or the "Bank") has adopted a culture of diversity and inclusion for all employees of the Bank, including the Board of Directors.

Akbank believes that encouraging diversity and inclusion in management and for all employees will foster the Bank's performance.

Diversity includes all elements of difference such as race, gender, faith, religion, ethnic origin, nationality, political opinion, age, disability, marital status, sexual orientation.

In developing this Board Diversity Policy ("Policy"), the principles set out in the Communiqué on Corporate Governance of the Capital Markets Board and best local and international practices have been taken into consideration.


This Policy has been formed in order to ensure a more effective composition of Akbank's Board of Directors and to encourage diversity and inclusiveness in the process of nominating candidates for the Board of Directors while ensuring that people with different knowledge, experience and backgrounds are included in the Board of Directors.

The diversity in the knowledge and experience of Akbank Board members will contribute to more effective management of the Bank's activities, particularly the basic functioning of the Board of Directors.


This Policy shall apply to the members of Akbank’s Board of Directors.

This Policy shall be implemented in parallel with the Bank's internal regulations as well as the relevant legal regulations.

Nomination of Candidates for the Board of Directors

The nomination process for the Board of Directors of Akbank is performed in accordance with the Banking Law and applicable secondary regulations, the Turkish Commercial Code, the Capital Markets Law and other relevant regulations, in particular the regulations set forth in the Articles of Association of the Bank. Candidates for the nomination of the Board of Directors are determined in accordance with the Bank’s culture, fields of activity and strategic goals and have knowledge, experience and competence required for the task and who have the qualifications to protect the interests of all beneficiaries.

Candidates are selected by taking into account the diversity elements which are stated in the Policy; based on their technical and strategic know-how such as financial sector experience, audit experience, risk management and digital technologies.

Within the scope of this Policy, maximum effort will be made to ensure diversity in the composition of the Bank's Board of Directors by encouraging people with different knowledge, background and experience to be included in the Board of Directors.

If it deemed necessary and appropriate, the Corporate Governance Committee may receive consultancy or support from an independent institution for the determination of candidates who have met the criteria which has set by the Committee. The independent institution determines the candidate pool according to the principles which are set out in this Diversity Policy.

The members of the Board of Directors also include independent members who are capable of performing their duties regardless of any influence. Independent members are determined by considering the regulations of the Capital Markets Board on corporate governance.

In order to adapt appointed new members of the Board of Directors to the operation of the Bank more quickly and effectively, the Chairman of the Board of Directors may appoint one of the members of the Board of Directors who has served for a longer period of time as a mentor to the new members.


Ensuring gender equality, combating prejudices occurred from the concept of sexism and including women in business life are the focus areas that the Bank works on within the framework of its sustainability strategy, diversity and inclusion approach. In this context, during the nomination process for the Board of Directors, maximum effort will be made to ensure that men and women are selected in a balanced manner from among candidates with the same qualifications in terms of knowledge, know-how and experience.

Accordingly, Akbank has set itself the target of achieving at least 30% female membership in the Board of Directors by the end of 2027.

Monitoring and Oversight of the Board Diversity Policy

This Policy has been approved by Akbank Board of Directors and entered into force on 20.02.2024.

The Policy shall remain in force unless amended, cancelled or revised by the Board of Directors.

The "Corporate Governance Committee" shall carry out the monitoring and oversight of the Policy on behalf of the Board of Directors.

The Corporate Governance Committee shall undertake the activities to revise the Policy at least once a year or within the scope of developments that may arise.

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