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Head of compliance 

Zakir Selim ÖNAL

Head of Compliance performs the identified duties and responsibilities regarding regulatory framework. Head of Compliance is also Money Laundering Reporting Officer (MLRO) pursuant to Law No. 5549 and its related legislation.

As the MLRO, within the framework of Law No. 5549 and its related legislation, conducts the compliance program created to ensure the compliance with the regulations and communiqués issued pursuant to the relevant legislation, and performs the duties and responsibilities determined.

In addition, the Head of Compliance ensures the evaluation of compliance risks for the activities carried out within the framework of the roles and responsibilities of other relevant departments of the Bank in order to comply with the legal regulation; makes plans for ensuring and maintaining legal compliance, measures, prioritizes, evaluates and reports legal compliance risks to the Board.

Head of Compliance oversight the effectiveness of compliance efforts to comply with regulations on data protection law its related regulations and monitoring the compliance status banking activities with legal obligations, and reports possible compliance breach risks to senior management in order to take appropriate measures.

Head of Compliance manage and co-ordinate compliance issues with regulatory bodies.

Zakir Selim Önal is the Head of Compliance for Akbank.

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