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Dividend policy 

Dividend policy

Provided that no adverse conditions exist regarding domestic and/or global economic circumstances and that the Bank's capital adequacy ratio remains at the targeted level, Akbank's dividend distribution policy is to distribute to its shareholders in cash and/or stock dividend up to 40% of the Bank's distributable profit.

The dividend distribution procedure is completed in accordance with the General Assembly resolutions within the legal periods stipulated by the law.

The Bank does not have a practice of distributing advance dividends.

Appropriation of profits

The dividend to be distributed from 2021 net profit of TL 12.125.907.749,04 will be as follows;

- Gross TL 260.000.000 equal to 5% of Bank’s paid-in capital of TL as of December 31, 2021 will be allocated as primary cash gross dividend; and gross TL 951.600.000 will be allocated as secondary cash gross dividend. Total gross dividend of TL 1.211.600.000 equal to 23,30% of the paid in capital, will be distributed to shareholders,

- Cash dividend payment to start from 30 th of March, 2022,

- In accordance with the first paragraph clause (e) of article 5 of the Corporate Tax Law, TL 653.818,83 which is exempt from corporate tax to be allocated to a “Special Fund Account” and after allocating TL 95.160.000 to Legal Reserves, the remaining profit will be retained under Extraordinary Reserves.

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