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Dividend policy 

Dividend policy

Provided that no adverse conditions exist regarding domestic and/or global economic circumstances and that the Bank's capital adequacy ratio remains at the targeted level, Akbank's dividend distribution policy is to distribute to its shareholders in cash and/or stock dividend up to 40% of the Bank's distributable profit.

The dividend distribution procedure is completed in accordance with the General Assembly resolutions within the legal periods stipulated by the law.

The Bank does not have a practice of distributing advance dividends.

Appropriation of profits

The dividend policy of the Bank is to distribute cash and/or shares to a maximum of 40% of its distributable profit to shareholders, provided that there is no negative development in national and/or global economic conditions and that the Bank's capital adequacy ratio is at the targeted level.

However, with regards to the guidance of the BRSA communicated to the banking sector on sustaining the strength of capital structures and therefore refraining from the distribution of net profit, the Board of Directors has decided to propose to the General Assembly not to distribute the net profit of TL 5.417.467.871,42 resulting from operations conducted in 2019, and to allocate all of the net profit to “Extraordinary Reserves” after the allocation of TL 240.000.000 to general legal reserves.

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